Sunday, 30 September 2012

Review: Lush Shower Jellies


The Joy Of Jelly - This shower jelly smells absolutely amazing. This is my favourite smell out of the three. Its not too sweet. This could be made into a Lush solid perfume & i'd definatley buy it. This lathers brilliantly & creates really soft little bubbles. The smell lingers slightly (it's not very strong & not over welming). The appearance is pretty it does vary as in the picture it's hot pink & purple. But my ''The Joy Of Jelly'' is purple & lilac. This is so easy to use, just cut peices from your original peice. Then crush a peice into your loofah or rub the single peice onto your body, being careful not to drop it. This is really relaxing & soothing. I would rate this product a 5 out of 5 as i just love this. The only downside is this could melt. So i'd advise Lush buyers to get a metal tin or a zip lock bag to store your products in. I would recommend this to anyone, but i believe this is more of a girly scent. This has sadly been discontinued :(. If anyone loves this or has this please tell me what you think about it. 

Sweetie Pie - So i'm going too be honest this is my least favourite shower jelly. As it's too sweet for me. It smells of black currant. It's a dark purple. This can be used on your body or hair so this is a plus for some people. This would be good if you were travelling you would only need one shower jelly for everything. It lathers really well. But can slide about. So be careful not to drop it down your drain. A little goes a long way, so i'd suggest to everyone to cut your shower jellies into peices. Store in a Lush tin or a zip lock bag. I don't think i'd buy this again as i preferr ''The Joy Of Jelly'' & ''Whoosh!''. This is £3.10 per 100g. 

Whoosh! - This is a very awakening scent. I think women or men could use this shower jelly. I really like the scent, it smells really fresh & citrusy. Orange,lemon & lime. Shower jellys are extremely easy to use. You either crush a peice into a loofah or just use abit of shower jelly & rub it all over your body until you get a good lather. This is a pretty deep blue. I would suggest  cutting your shower jellys into peices & storing small bits in a zip lock bag in your bathroom, so it doesnt get everywhere. The price is great value considering how much you use at one time. Whoosh! is £3.50 per 100g. Store shower jellys in a zip lock bag as it can melt. You can either use room temperature or put in the fridge just before you use in the shower for a cooling effect.


  1. It's funny, I normally love curranty, berry-ish smells but I didn't really like sweetie pie either. I love Whoosh though - really wakes me up in the morning!

  2. Its odd isnt it. I love the comforter bubble bar and this is a black currant smell so thought id like sweetie pie. But i much preferred the joy of jelly that is just beautiful.